4 Him Athlete Scholarship

4 Him Athlete Scholarship

Each year, 4 Him Co. will set aside 5% of all sales to the 4 Him Scholarship Fund. At the end of each school year, 1 Athlete for every 10k raised will get a scholarship for there future. Any other money donated to this fund will be added to the amount of scholarship we give out to our 4 Him Athletes.

A giving box will at the bottom of the page to help donate to the scholarship fund.

Who can win?

You must be a 4 Him Athlete to be eligible to be chosen for the scholarship.

Click button below to fill out an application to be a 4 Him Athlete.

How will we pick?

Theses are some of the ways we will pick the 4 Him Athlete Scholarship Winner.

Brand Promotion and Engagement
Sports Achievements
Community Involvement
Coach Interviews
Player Essays

4 Him Scholarship Fund

100% of the fund - Fees will go strait to the 4 Him Athlete Scholarship Fund.